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Dog Statues

Complete List of Dog Breeds Available

Medium Adult Dogs
Approximately 10"
Small Adult Dogs
Approximately 7"

Airedale / Airedale Terrier

Akita Akita
Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd
Basset Hound Basset Hound
Beagle Beagle
Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog
Bichon Frise Bichon Frise
Border Collie Border Collie
Boston Terrier Boston Terrier
Boxer Boxer
Bull Terrier Bull Terrier
Cavalier Calvalier
Bulldog Bulldog
Chihuahua Cairn Terrier
Chow Chow
Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua
Collie Collie
Dachshund Cocker Spaniel
Dachshund - black lying down
Dalmatian Dachshund
Doberman Dalmatian

Dalmatian On Fire Hydrant
Doberman - Red Uncropped Ears Doberman
Fox Terrier - Wire Haired German Shepherd
German Shepherd Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Great Dane
Great Dane Greyhound
Greyhound Husky
Husky Irish Setter
Jack Russell TerrierJack Russell Terrier
Labrador Labrador
Labrador - Life Size by Big Sky CarversLhasa Apso
Maltese Maltese
Mastiff Mastiff
Old English SheepdogOld English Sheepdog
Papillon Pit Bull
Pit BullPomeranian
Pekinese Poodle
Pomeranian Pug
Poodle Rhodesian Ridgeback
Pug Rottweiler
Rhodesian RidgebackSaint Bernard
Rottweiler * Lifesize Rottweiler Samoyed
Saint BernardSchnauzer
Samoyed Scotty
Schnauzer Shar Pei
Scotty Shih Tzu
Shar PeiSpringer Spaniel
Shih TzuWelsh Corgi
Springer SpanielWest Highland Terrier
Welsh CorgiYorkshire Terrier
West Highland Terrier 
Yorkshire Terrier 
Life Size Yorkie by Sandicast $120.00