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Lladro is a family-owned business which was founded in 1953 by Juan, Jose, and Vincente Lladro in Almacera, Spain. Almacera was a small farming community on Spain's eastern Mediterranean coast, near the city of Valencia. The three brothers were first introduced to the world of art by their mother, Rosa Lladro. Juan and Jose quickly became interested in painting and Vincente showed a remarkable talent for sculpting. Rosa Lladro wanted them to have the best art education that they could get so she enrolled them in the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts.

Not long after enrolling in the prestigious school the three brothers built a kiln at their parents' home and began to create figurines, porcelain flowers and candelabras. As their proficiency grew, they began to sell their art creations at a local market. Their porcelain proved to be quite popular and their business began to grow. The Lladro brothers dreamt of creating the finest porcelain possible. They had a problem though, their small kiln made it impossible to achieve the high temperatures that were necessary in order to create porcelain of the highest quality. However the brothers were not to be deterred. They procured a loan from a friend which allowed them to build a larger kiln which could generate the temperatures that they needed. This was the beginning of the Lladro company.

By 1958 their business had increased to the point that a move to a larger facility was necessary. They moved from their small family workshop in Almacera to a factory in the nearby town of Tavernes Blanques. From the 1960's through present day Lladro's business has continually grown as more people begin to collect their porcelain figurines.

Lladro remains a family owned business to this day. They are now managed by the Lladro Permanent Council which is made up of the three Lladro brothers, their children and the senior staff of Lladro. Lladro continues to be an important presence in the world of porcelain figurines and their creations are sure to delight collectors for many years to come.



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