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Valentine Angel

3.75 Inches Tall x 2.75 Inches

$13.95 Now $8.95

Hearts and "I Love You" are in Red Color

Angel Figurine     Valentine Heart Angel

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Valentine Gifts and Collectibles

People enjoy receiving angels as gifts, whether for a birthday, or for Christmas, or even as a "just because" gift! There are angel key chains, angel amulets on a necklace, there are even angels to carry around in your pocket for good luck, protection, or for comfort.

Some people have angels on the dashboard or visor of their car, and some people have angel statues in their bedroom or elsewhere in the house. Sometimes they make a nameplate for the bedroom door of a child, and it contains the image or likeness of an angel!

We also love television shows and movies about angels, because we find it comforting to think that they are "around" and helping us with this or that! We are taught as children, that we have a guardian angel, and then we see an awesome movie, such as It's A Wonderful Life, where the angel Clarence helps George Bailey!

When you have to get a gift for someone, or send a gift to someone, and you don't know what to send...send an angel! The person you send it to will love it and they will always remember your thoughtfulness!


Bradford Exchange Angels | Angel Ornaments