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Wildlife Hooks $34.95


Sturdy and practical, our decorative hooks add a distinctive charm to your entry, bath or kitchen. Each is coldcast and hand-painted. Hooks are deep enough to handle garments, towels or even a dog leash or two.

Design by Rosemary Millette #529

9-1/2"H x 5"W x 3"D



Bluebird Hang Up
Gold Finch

Horse-Paint Hang Up
Mallard Hang Up
Pheasant Hang Up
Whitetail Deer Hang Up
Black Bear Hang Up
Canvasback Hang Up
Cardinal Hang Up
Chickadee Hang Up
Elk Hang Up

Golden Retriever Hang Up
Vineyard Goldfinch
Grizzly Bear Hang Up
Horse-Bay Hang Up
Horse-Palomino Hang Up
Hummingbird Hang Up
Loon Hang Up

Moose Hang Up
Ruffed Grouse Hang Up
Timber Wolf Hang Uurkey Hang Up
Yellow Lab Hang Up