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Featured Artists For Big Sky Carvers - Brief Bio





Jeff Fleming Over ten years ago, while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California, Jeff Fleming a Montana native, spotted a craftsman carefully using his chainsaw as a carving tool. His curiosity was piqued and his imagination started to grow. Soon, Jeff learned to master his chainsaw and other carving tools and began to carve all kinds of critters the kinds of critters Big Sky Carvers just can't resist. Now Jeff is one of the family and a Master Carver with a knack for bears.



Phyllis Driscoll Daydreamer" was a term often used to describe Phyllis during her school years. While teachers didn't much appreciate her gazing out the window, there was one thing that did have her undivided attention - clay. Born the youngest of five in rural America where daydreams have plenty or room to roam, Phyllis spent her childhood in Nebraska where clay grows best! Being involved in the translation of an idea into 3-D form is what Phyllis considers the ultimate challenge and reward.

Dick Idol Ken White  
Burl Jones Christopher Hindley  
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