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Note:  Operators at this number do not have access to client account information, so please use this number for extreme circumstances only.


Emily's Gifts & Collectibles
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI USA


The most convenient and fast way to reach us is by email


Help Fight Spam

Why We Had To Remove Our Email
Address From Our Web Site Pages!

We Did Not Send It!

Spammers have programs which spider through web pages, looking for email addresses, e.g. email addresses contained in mailto: HTML tags [those you can click on and get a mail window opened]

We receive so much spam mail per day and it is so time consuming to sift through. We decided to remove our pop up email address from all of our web pages so that the address cannot be obtained by the thousands of porn sites, mortgages sites, viagra sites, etc. that think we need to know their information 50 times per day!

If you need to email us - and we encourage you, our potential customer to do so, please send the email to info [at sign] emilysgifts.com

Read more: Fight SPAM!

Emily's Gifts believes that Spammers are ruining the Internet!

You can be assured that we will never, ever give your email address to anyone...SPAM is our pet peeve!

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