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Emily's Gifts has been in the gift business since 1991 and on the Internet since 1996. Way back in 1996 and 1997 our web site won several awards and was named site of the month in December, 1997 from the All-Internet Shopping Directory. We were also named "Hot Site" from IMAC. I use to clutter our site with the award logos...but really, awards are passé' and "hits" are in.

Ordering: We encourage you to use our secure shopping cart ordering system or secure order form, but you can also call us toll free at 1-877-315-GIFTS (4438) or fax your order to 1-313-824-9004. You may send various items to different recipients, however, you will have to send us an email immediately before or after you place your order as our shopping cart system does not support various shipping addresses. Be sure to identify yourself, and thoroughly explain who is to get each particular item (s). This will also be confirmed by us via email. You may be required to fax us a copy of your driver's license to show the same address as is on the credit card. If you want to use the shopping cart system, this is also possible, but you will have to fill out a separate order for each shipping address. Also, and this is a drag---some of our pages have already been programed for the shopping cart system but most have not. You can add a shopping cart system item on the secure order form if you want to. You do not have to use the "cart". And please, when using the secure order form don't put just the item # as most of the item #'s are the manufacturer's, not ours. Sometimes I do not even know what it if a pocket dragon is Item #2828 please at least say "pocket dragon" 'cause #2828 could also be a doll...(someday we hope to fix all this).

Ordering from our association with other gift or book companies: Throughout our web site you may be taken to one of our affiliate stores. Should this happen, just remember to use your back button to return to Emily's Gifts. The goods you order on our associate sites will be processed by that company and we have no control over that process. We have only added affiliate sites that we feel could be of interest to you. So, if you order merchandise from Emily's Gifts and also from an affiliate site there will be two different order forms or shopping cart systems to deal with. The orders cannot be combined.

Payment: We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We also accept USA Personal checks and money orders. Please send payment to Emily's Gifts, 4841 W. Milett Road, Fowlerville, MI 48836. Your credit card receipt will either show " or

Shipping: USA Shipping varies per order. There is no sales tax outside of Michigan. We usually use the United States Post Office Priority Mail Service to expedite your order and still keep shipping cost reasonable. This applies to APO addresses as well.

Return Policy: All returned items must be in their original condition. All tags, certificates, other paper work must not be altered. This includes the "Box" that a collectible item comes in. Return notification is limited to 15 days, however, gifts purchased for holidays such as Christmas can be returned for store credit or exchanges. You will be responsible for all shipping charges. We are proud that our return rate is less than 1%. Prior to returning an item, you must notify us via email to obtain a return reference number.

Please Note: If the item you purchased received "Free Shipping" to your location, and then you return it, you will be charged the original shipping cost to your location. Be sure that what you order is what you want...For example a Doll that weighs approximately 6 pounds (including packaging) may cost us around $8 to $9 to ship. Should you return it, it will also cost you $8 or $9. If the original price was $120 - free shipping, your credit card or check return will only be for $112 or $111. You will be out the $16 or $18. Our company is small and we cannot afford to ship things out free for people to look at and return***.

Fraud Protection:  We have taken steps to deter credit card thieves from using stolen credit card information on our site. Your ISP address is recorded on our secure order form. We may request that all customers shipping to addresses other than their billing address, fax us a copy of their driver's license. Fax 1-313-824-9004

Our Privacy Policy is very simple: Your account information is confidential.  We do not share or sell your profile EVER.  After your order is processed, all credit card information is shredded!

*** We did at first not charge for the "free shipping" if an item was returned, but there were customers who abused this policy. For example some people purchased our goose clothing - order two and receive free shipping. They made patterns from the outfits we sent them and then returned our outfits...not fair. Also, some people just like to order, look at the item and change their minds. That is ok with us, but now you will have to pay ALL shipping costs to do so.
Returns are limited to Exchanges, or Store Credit. - 2002