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A Touch of Love
African American
Breast Cancer Charity
College Sports
Doll Accessories
Fashion and Pop Culture
Firefighter Doll
Fishing DollFloral
Gone With The Wind
How Precious
I Love Lucy
John Wayne
Life Like Dolls
Marine Dolls
Marilyn Monroe
MLB Baseball
Motorcycle Dolls
Movie & Entertainment
Native American Style
NFL Football

NHL Hockey
Portrait Dolls
Precious Moments
Santa Claus
So Truly Real
Thomas Kinkade
Weddings & Engagements'
Wizard of Oz

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Ashton Drake Doll Gallery Collectible Dolls Celebrate Your Passion for Exquisite Doll Artistry

Dolls, dolls and more dolls! The Ashton-Drake Galleries offers a wide selection of unique and exclusive collectible dolls - each one created with exquisite care, expert craftsmanship and quality that is unparalleled. Showcasing the work of Master Doll Artists like Linda Webb, Waltraud Hanl, Cheryl Hill and Linda Murray, these beautiful babies are second to none!

Featuring a dazzling selection of collectible baby dolls, child dolls, fantasy dolls portrait dolls and even monkey dolls, you're sure to find a doll that captures your heart. When you shop our unique gallery of collectible dolls, prepare to experience beautiful originality, exquisite details and expertly-tailored costuming. You'll find adorableNFL dolls that celebrate your favorite football team in style and Disney dolls that bring you the enchantment of their beloved tales through superb handcraftsmanship. There are so many dolls to choose from and they are sure to warm your heart, which ones will have a forever home with you?

Distinctive Dolls for Distinctive Collectors

When you meet our So Truly Real® dolls for the first time and feel their supple RealTouch® vinyl skin that brings their realistic features to life, you're sure to be amazed! Each precious bundle of joy would make a great addition to your doll collection and are perfectly sized to be cradled in your arms. Offering so many precious ones to love includingAfrican-American dolls , interactive dolls that giggle and coo, dolls featuring innovative Hold That Pose!™ technology and more, these So Truly Real sweethearts are just waiting to be discovered by you! Plus, every purchase is backed by the best guarantee in the business - up to 365 days and free return shipping, to make it easy to buy with confidence. Don't wait - Shop Now!

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