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Hunting equipment like satellites, video monitors, microchips, and lasers have made hunting safer and more effective than ever before. Hunting has become a high-tech sport. Optic sights improve the hunter's ability to find game, camouflage improves their success at stalking, and flat-shooting rifles improve the accuracy and kill range.

Hunters who are hunting trophy bucks need to remain motionless for one hour at a time. This makes comfort more important than size when selecting treestands. Deer cannot see properly camouflaged treestands, but they do see uncomfortable hunters shifting their weight.

Advancements in technology have improved hunting equipment to the point that anyone can remain safe while hunting deep in the wilderness. A GPS unit lets hunters print out detailed topographical maps of the country they are hunting in. This lets hunters leave the crowds behind. Traveling ‘in country' is now safer with satellite phones and a new generation of two-way radios. These radios permit a group of hunters to keep in touch while hunting a wide range.

‘In country' hunters need different hunting equipment than those in agricultural areas. They need portable treestands, thermal anti-scent clothing, anti-scent sacks for their equipment, and communication devices. Everything should be encased in camo-fabrics that match the hunter's immediate surroundings.

How to Buy a Hunting Bow

There are four types of hunting bows: traditional wooden, fiberglass, compound, and recurve. Hunters usually start with a compound and move up to a fiberglass or recurve bow. The correct hunting bow size is relative to the hunter's height. Below 5'6” requires a 64” bow, below 5'10” uses a 66” bow, everyone else uses a 68” or 70” bow.



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