Collectible Figurines - It's A Keeper by Shenandoah Designs

Keepers are resin shelf sitters that speak your heart with their uplifting poetry. Each Keeper comes with a certificate of authenticity in the form of an official Keeper passport.

Each Keeper has a tiny gold lock and key incorporated somewhere in its design which symbolizes our privilege of keeping positive outlooks and seeking positive solutions in life.

Average Size: 5 1/2 ” x 4”

Item No. Name
1424 The Keeper of Firefighters
  Lady Keeper of Nurses
  Retired Keepers - Sold Out and Not Available
1401 Keeper of the Bathroom
1402 The Keeper of the Bedchamber Sold Out
1403 The Keeper of the Entry Sold Out
1404 The Keeper of the Hearth Sold Out
1405 The Keeper of the Kitchen Retired - No Longer Available
1406 The Keeper of the Laundry Retired - No Longer Available
1408 The Keeper of the Nursery
1409 The Keeper of the Home Workshop - No Longer Available
1410 The Keeper of the Sunroom Retired - Sold Out
1411 The Keeper of the Home Office
1413 The Keeper of Love Sold Out
1414 The Keeper of Mothers - NOT Available
1415The Keeper of the Cowboys
1416 The Keeper of Native Americans Retired - No Longer Available
1417 The Keeper of the Rails Retired - No Longer Available
1418 The Keeper of Flight - No Longer Available
1420The Keeper of Fathers Sold Out
1421 The Keeper of the Catch Sold Out
1422 The Keeper of the Bears
1423The Keeper of Golf
1425 The Keeper of Birthdays - Retired and Sold Out
1427 The Keeper of Faith Retired and No Longer Available
1426 The Keeper of the Trails sold out
1428 The Keeper of the Sea
1430 The Keeper of Woodland Animals
1431 The Keeper of Music Retired and No Longer Available
1432 The Keeper of Friendship - Retired and No Longer Available
1433 The Keeper of Secrets
1435 The Keeper the Checkered Flag
1436 The Keeper of the Peace
1437 The Keeper of Cats - SOLD OUT View Our Other Cat and Kitten Figurines
1438 The Keeper of Needlework
1439 The Keeper of Teachers Retired and No Longer Available
1440 The Keeper of the Galaxy
1441 Keeper of Halloween - Retired - Not Available
1442 The Keeper of The Crown Jewels Sold Out
1443 The Keeper of the Pub
1444 The Keeper of Dogs Sold Out
1445 The Keeper of Dolls
1446 The Keeper of Nurses
1447The Keeper of Sons
1448 The Keeper of Baseballs Sold Out
1449 Keeper of the Remote Control Sold Out
1450 The Keeper of Lawyers Sold Out
1451 The Keeper of the Pharmacy Sold Out
1452 Keeper of the Lighthouse Retired - Not Available
1454Keeper of the Cure
1455Keeper of Football Sold Out
1457 Keeper of Grandfathers
 1507 Keeper of Christmas 2007
1202 Lady Keeper of Birds
1508Keeper of Christmas 2008


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