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Florida New Jersey
Cape Florida, 1825 - Florida Barnegat, 1859 - New Jersey
 Heceta Head, 1894 - Oregon
Fort Gratiot, 1829 - Michigan  
North CarolinaAssateague, 1867 - Virginia
Old Baldy, Smith Island, 1818 - North Carolina  
  South Carolina
  Harbor Town, Hilton Head South Carolina

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  • White Shoal, 1910 - Michigan 10 inches x 5 inches. Rising 121 feet and located 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge, it warns sailors of the dangerous shoals in the straights of Mackinac. Its light may be seen for 28 statute miles. $42.50
  • Big Sable Point, 1867 - Michigan 10 inches x 6 inches. On the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, this 112 foot high conical tower of light identified the most direct route to and from the Port of Chicago. It is presently located in Ludington State Park. $42.50 (above)
  • Holland Harbor, 1936 - Michigan 9 inches x 6 inches. Located at the mouth of the channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa, the light from "Big Red" is visible for 14 miles. A tower atop the keeper's quarters houses the beacon. $49.95
  • Los Angeles Harbor, 1913 - California 10" x 6". Located at the end of San Pedro Breakwater, the 69 foot tower is slightly out of tilt due to damage from a severe storm. It has also survived earthquake damage and collision with a battleship. $44.95
  • Alcatraz, 1909 - Alcatraz Island, California 11" x 9". Built next to the site of the original structure, this much taller, 84 feet - reinforced concrete tower is equipped with a Fourth Order Fresnel lens that guides sea traffic into the San Francisco Bay. $64.95
  • Old Point Loma, 1855 - California 8" x 7". Originally built 462 feet above the water, this was the highest lighthouse in U.S. history. In 1891 it was replaced by a lower light, more easily seen by ships, because low clouds obscured it. $42.95
  • Pigeon Point, 1872 - California 11" x 7". Along with Point Arena, this 115 foot tower is the tallest on the Pacific Coast. Its First Order Fresnel lens, previously used in the second Cape Hatteras lighthouse, projects light for 18 miles out to sea. $42.95
  • Point Arena, 1908 - California 11" x 6". This 115 feet earthquake-proof concrete tower is the first steel-reinforced lighthouse in the USA. Its First Order Fresnel lens generates candle power of 2 million and may be seen 21 miles.
  • $42.95
  • Point Cabrillo, 1909 - California 9" x 8". Originally built for coastal steamers, this 47 foot tower today warns freighters and fishermen of dogholes along the Mendocino Coast. It's light may be seen for 15 miles out to sea. $46.95
  • Point Pinos, 1854 - California 8" x 6". Of the original 8 west coast sentinels, Point Pinos was the third one built and the second one lit. It is the only one of the eight with its original Third Order Fresnel Lens. $55.95
  • Yerba Buena, 1875 - California 8" x 5". With a 22 foot tower, it was used to guide ferry boats between Oakland and San Francisco before the construction of the Bay Bridge. The site was originally a fog signal station. $42.95
  • New London Harbor, 1801 - Connecticut 11" x 6". The oldest lighthouse in Connecticut, this 88' octagonal stone tower guards the entrance to the Thames River. The Lighthouse Board installed a Fourth Order Lens in 1855 and fog signal in 1874.
  • New London Ledge, 1909 - Connecticut 9" x 6". Located upon a submerged ledge in New London Harbor, this impressive structure is rumored to be haunted by a former lighthouse keeper who jumped to his untimely death. $44.95
  • Cape Canaveral, 1868, - Florida 12" x 6". Also known as "Cape Kennedy Light" in honor of President John F. Kennedy and his commitment to putting a man on the moon.
  • Cape Florida, 1825 - Florida 10" x 7". The oldest surviving structure in South Florida, the 95 foot lighthouse marks the north entrance to Biscayne Bay. It was decommissioned in 1878 and returned to service in 1978. $44.95
  • Hillsboro Inlet, 1907 - Florida 12" x 6". Originally built in Chicago, Illinois then shipped down the Mississippi to the 1940 Exposition in St. Louis, the lighthouse was purchased by the government and moved again to Hillsboro. It was the last beach lighthouse to be erected in Florida. $49.95
  • Jupiter Inlet, 1860 - Florida 10" x 7". Located about 15 miles north of Palm Beach, where the Loxahatchee meets the Atlantic, the 105 foot tower is erected on a 40 foot mound of oyster shells left by prehistoric Indians. $44.95
  • Key West, 1846 - Florida 11" x 4". Raised to 86 feet in 1894, this lighthouse was built to replace the prior structure, destroyed by a hurricane. Its first keeper was Barbara Mabrity, widow of the keeper of the prior lighthouse. $44.95
  • Pensacola, 1858 - Florida 12" x 6". Built in 1858 to replace a smaller and less efficient light, Pensacola light is 160' tall with a First Order Fresnel lens with a light visible 27 miles out to sea. $44.95
  • Ponce de Leon, 1887 - Florida 8" x 7". The 175 foot tower is the second tallest on the East Coast. Deactivated in 1970, it was relighted in 1983 when seaside condominiums obstructed the beacon. Its light is visible for more than 20 miles. $44.95
  • St. Augustine, 1874 - Florida 11" x 6". Located on Anastasia Island at the St. Augustine Inlet, the light from its brightly-painted, 161 foot tower can be seen for 24 miles. Black and white stripes were added for improved visibility. $44.95
  • St. Marks Light, 1831 - Florida 12" x 6.5". The third time is a charm for this lighthouse that marks the entrance to the St. Marks River. Its original construction was so poorly done that it had to be torn down and its contractors charged with fraud against the U.S. Government. The second construction proved to be much better however, it soon suffered natural erosion and had to be taken down and moved. Re-constructed for the third time St. Marks light still stands today as an active navigational aid. $49.95
  • St. Simons, 1872 - Georgia 11" x 7". Located on the coast near Brunswick, the 100 foot tower stands watch near the entrance to St. Simons Sound. Its light, with a Third Order Fresnel lens, is visible for 16 miles. $44.95
  • Tybee Island, 1867 - Georgia 11" x 6". This lighthouse, found near the mouth of the picturesque Savannah River, is the oldest active lighthouse on the entire southeast coast. It was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1886. $44.95
  • Chicago Harbor, 1893 - Illinois 9" x 9". Originally built at the mouth of the Chicago River, it was moved to the harbor in 1919. Its award-winning Third Order Fresnel lens was displayed at the Columbian Exposition. $44.95
  • Boon Island, 1852 - Maine 10" x 6". In February 1978, a violent storm with waves up to 70' high smashed into the lighthouse and destroyed the keeper's house. In an amazing rescue a Coast Guard helicopter rescued the two keepers trapped in the light tower. The 133' tower is the tallest lighthouse in Maine. $44.95
  • Cape Neddick, 1879 - Maine 7" x 5". Located on a small barren island known as "Nubbie", the red light from the 4th order lens of this 41 foot tower flashes every six seconds and may be seen 15 miles out to sea. $49.95
  • Pemaquid Point, 1827 - Maine 9" x 8'. Located on the west side entrance of Muscongus Bay, this picturesque lighthouse stands only 38' tall. It sits on a bluff 79' above sea level, making its Fourth Order Fresnel lens easily visible. $44.95
  • Portland Head, 1791 - Maine 10" x 8". This is the first lighthouse in America completed by the Federal Government, as well as the first light tower in Maine. Its first keeper, Joseph Greenleaf was appointed by George Washington. $44.95
  • West Quoddy Head, 1858 - Maine 8" x 7". The 49 foot red and white tower rises 83 feet above water to guide vessels along the coast of Maine. It replaced an earlier light station that Thomas Jefferson had previously ordered built. $44.95
  • Thomas Point Shoal, 1875 - Maryland 8" x 6". Located atop Thomas Point Shoal, this was the last manual lighthouse on Chesapeake Bay. Although it can only be seen by boat, it is the most frequently photographed lighthouse in the area. $49.95
  • Boston Harbor, 1783 - Massachusetts 10" x 7". Erected on the location of the nation's very first lighthouse, the harbor site is the oldest in continuous service in the United States. The tower was raised to its present height of 89 feet in 1859. $44.95
  • Cape Cod, 1798 - Massachusetts 10" x 6". Also commonly known as Highland Lighthouse, the tower today stands 66 feet tall and rises a total of 183 feet above the water line. It was rebuilt from the original in 1833 and again in 1857. $44.95
  • Minots Ledge,1860 - Massachusetts 11" x 6". The 89' dark gray, conical granite tower keeps vigil over the submerged rocks off the coast of Cohasset, MA. The light flashes once, then four times, then three times thus dubbing it the I LOVE YOU light.
  • Big Sable Point, 1867 - Michigan 10" x 6". On the shore of Lake Michigan, this 112' high conical tower of light identified the most direct route to and from the Port of Chicago. Presently it is located in Ludington State Park. $44.95
  • Fort Gratiot, 1829 - Michigan 10" x 6". Located on the St. Clair River, very near Lake Huron, its primary purpose was to guide shipping into the River. This 82 foot tower, rebuilt in 1861, is Michigan's oldest surviving lighthouse. $44.95
  • Grand Haven, 1905 - Michigan 10" x 6". The inner light is a 51' steel sided cylindrical red tower with its parapet and lantern room painted fire engine red. Even its light is a fixed red. Its' companion, the outer light, is also painted red and has a red flashing light. Besides a light, the outer building is equipped with a foghorn.
  • Holland Harbor, 1936 - Michigan 9" x 6". Located at the mouth of the channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa, the light from "Big Red" is visible for 14 miles. A tower atop the keepers quarters houses the beacon. $44.95 SOLD OUT
  • Point Betsie, 1858 - Frankfort, Michigan 7" x 10". The last lighthouse on mainland Michigan (Frankfort) to be maintained by a keeper, it marks the turning point for several routes up and down the lake at the Manitou Passage. Its tower stands 37 feet high. $47.50
  • Tawas Point, 1852 - Michigan 10" x 6". Originally built in 1852 the 70' tall conical tower had to be removed in 1876. Shifting sands caused the Tawas Point, on which the lighthouse sits, to move more than a mile. The light is still active and sits at the end of the peninsula that separated Tawas Bay from Lake Huron.
  • White Shoal, 1910 - Michigan 10" x 5". Rising 121' and located 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge, it warns sailors of the dangerous shoals in the straits of Mackinac. Its light may be seen for 28 statute miles.
  • Split Rock, 1910 - Minnesota 8" x 8". The 54 foot tower sits on a cliff 124 feet above Lake Superior, located there because the water was too deep to take Navigational surroundings and iron deposits made magnetic navigation inaccurate. $44.95
  • Biloxi Lighthouse, 1848 - Mississippi 11" x 6". This 61' cast iron tower stands on a median, literally in the middle of U. S. Highway 90. It tilted due to erosion in 1867 and workers had to dig ground away from the other side to upright it.
  • Barnegat, 1859 - New Jersey 11" x 6". Designed by George Meade, union commander at the Battle of Gettysburg, "Old Barney" marks the entrance to Barnegat Bay. Its 161 foot tower features a First Order Fresnel lens. $44.95
  • Hereford Inlet, 1874 - New Jersey 10" x 8". The stick style frame dwelling has a 49' square tower that is elevated to 57' above sea level. The Hereford Inlet lighthouse has been passed from the Coast Guard to the Marine Police and finally to the town who restored the former navigational aid. $49.95
  • Sandy Hook, 1764 - New Jersey 9" x 7". The oldest surviving lighthouse in the United States, built by Isaac Conro. The 85 foot structure is located at the entrance to New York Harbor and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. $44.95
  • Buffalo, 1833 - New York 11" x 5". Raised 3 feet in 1858 to its present height of 60 feet, this octagonal stone tower overlooks the terminus of the Erie Canal. Decommissioned in 1914, the light was restored and relit in 1987. $44.95
  • Fire Island, 1858 - New York 10" x 7". Known as "Winking Woman", this 167 foot brick tower is located within Fire Island National Seashore. The first light seen by arriving ships, it was a key element for the approach into New York Harbor. $42.95
  • Montauk Point, 1797 - New York 10" x 5". Located on the eastern tip of Long Island, the tower was rebuilt in 1860 to increase its height from 80 feet to 108 feet. The light from Montauk Point can be seen from a distance of 19 miles. $44.95
  • Bodie Island, 1872 - North Carolina 10" x 5". The original tower was blown up by the Confederates during the Civil War. The replacement stands 156 feet above sea level. Its First Order Fresnel replacement lens is visible for 19 miles. $44.95
  • Cape Hatteras, 1870 - North Carolina 10" x 6". Tallest in the nation, this 193 foot tower with a First Order Fresnel lens, helps protect vessels from the treacherous Diamond Shoals often known as "The Graveyard of the Atlantic".
  • Cape Lookout, 1859 - North Carolina 10" x 5". Its beacon guides mariners within the hazardous shoals of the Shackleford Banks, a rendezvous point for Blackbeard the Pirate. Its light, visible for 19 miles, is 150 feet above the ground. $44.95
  • Ocracoke, 1823 - North Carolina 10" x 6". This inlet light, located between Raleigh Bay and Pamlico Sound, is the oldest lighthouse on the Carolina Outer Banks. The previous one was destroyed by lightning in 1818. $44.95
  • Old Baldy, Smith Island, 1818 - North Carolina 10" x 8". Also known as "Cape Fear" this 110' octagonal tower is set at the mouth of Cape Fear River, North Carolina's first established light station. The deactivated tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. $44.95
  • Marblehead, 1821 - Ohio 9" x 6". This towering 65 foot high lighthouse was built to withstand gusts of wind in excess of 74 miles per hour. It boasts the oldest active tower on the Great Lakes, guiding mariners safely into Sandusky Bay. $44.95
  • Toledo Harbor, 1904 - Ohio 10" x 9". Located on a concrete pier in Maumee Bay, this 72 foot tower is at the entrance to the Toledo Harbor. The Fresnel lens produces two white flashes, followed by one long red flash. $49.95
  • Heceta Head, 1894 - Oregon 10" x 7". Named after the 18th Century explorer Bruno Heceta, this 56 foot tower is located high atop a cliff rising 205 feet above the water. Its First Order Fresnel lens is visible for a distance of over 21 miles. $44.95
  • Southeast, 1873 - Rhode Island 9" x 6". One of two lighthouses on Block Island, it stands 20 feet above sea level. The 2000 ton Gothic Revival structure was moved back 245 feet to safety, from the rapidly eroding Mohegan bluffs. $54.95
  • Harbor Town - Hilton Head South Carolina
  • Point Bolivar, 1872 - Texas 11" x 6". The third tower on this site, Bolivar Point is at the tip of the peniinsula, marking the entrance to Galveston Bay. The 117' tall, brick-lined iron tower has survived two major hurricanes. $44.95
  • Point Isabel, 1853 - Texas 11" x 5". Built on the site of Zachary Taylor's encampment during the Mexican War, this conical brick tower marks the Brazos Santiago Pass. Its light is 82 feet above sea level. $44.95
  • Assateague, 1867 - Virginia 10" x 5". The tower rises 142 feet over the horizon and the light from its First Order lens can be seen for 19 miles. Assateague is located within the Chinocoteague National Wildlife Refuge. $44.95
  • Cape Henry, 1881 - Virginia 10" x 6". Situated about 350 feet south of the original lighthouse, this sturdy cast-iron structure towers 163 feet above Fort Story, located near Virginia Beach. It is equipped with a First Order Fresnel lens. $44.95
  • Old Point Comfort, 1802 - Virginia 10" x 6". One of the earliest lighthouses built in the Chesapeake Bay. The 54' tower marks the mouth of the James River and the entrance to Hampton Roads. The lighthouse is still active. $44.95
  • Admiralty Head, 1903 - Washington 8" x 9". Located in Ft. Casey State Park, this brick and stucco structure marks the entrance to Puget Sound, along with Point Wilson Light. The original was built on Whidbey Island in 1861. $44.95
  • Destruction Island, 1891 - Washington 11" x 4". This 94 foot iron-clad brick tower is situated on 30 acres of desolate land, 3 miles off of the mainland. The light shining from its first Order Fresnel lens can be seen for 24 miles out to sea. $44.95
  • Gray's Harbor, 1898 - Washington 10" x 7". The tallest lighthouse on the coast of Washington, (Point Chehalis) the light from this 107 foot beacon at Gray's Reef can be seen for more than 23 miles. It is equipped with a Third Order Fresnel lens. $44.95
  • Point Wilson, 1914 - Washington 10" x 6". The unique octagonal tower design was chosen because of its inherent ability to resist strong winds, so prevalent in the area. The Fourth Order Fresnel lens is visible for 13 miles. $44.95
  • Cana Island, 1869 - Wisconsin 10" x 6". This maritime landmark is located on a small island near Bailey's Harbor. The 86 foot brick tower was encased in iron in 1901 to help guard against the harsh weather conditions. $44.95


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