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Do I Dare?

Hum 411/3/0   
A bashful girl offers a flower just for you.

M. I. Hummel Figurines

Note the fine detail on the basket she carries on her arm, and the comical charm of her uneven socks - one pulled up, one sagging, in typical M.I. Hummel fashion.

Reference/Item Number 152248

Approximate Size 4.0 inches

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M. I. Hummel Figurines

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    Hummel is a line of ceramic figurine, based on the artistic style of German nun Maria Innocentia Hummel. Alongside Spain's Lladro, it is a world renowned series of products. The first figurines were sold in 1935. The figurines are all based on the drawings and paintings of children by sister Hummel. Though much of the art was done in the 1930s, the newer figurines have adopted a more contemporary appearance. In addition to the figures of children (which are what most people think of as "Hummels"), there are also Hummel saints which bear no resemblance stylistically to the playful children figurines. Sister Hummel's works were discovered by Franz Goebel after a small publisher began printing her artwork as postcards. Goebel started production of the figurines under the authorization of the Convent of Siessen. Although she died in 1946 from tuberculosis, Goebel carries her legacy. The word Hummel has also evolved into a generic term for figures of this type.


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