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Muffy VanderBear

All VanderBear Collections Are Retired

Since her introduction in 1984, Muffy Vanderbear has been the best dressed and best loved bear in the USA.  Created by Barbara Isenberg and produced for nearly 30 years by the North American Bear Company, Muffy still delights collectors of all ages.  North American Bear Company is not bringing out a holiday Muffy in 2015.  Now is your opportunity to fill in any holes in your Muffy collection.  We still have many of the early retired Muffy editions in stock.  And all our Muffies are store new, mint condition unless otherwise specified. 

Muffy Bears In Our Inventory 

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Oatsie - From A Christmas Carol

Paw de Deux - Ballerina Muffy

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The History of

Muffy and the VanderBear Family

A bouncing little bundle of fuzz was delivered to VanderBear Manor in 1984, and nothing's been the same since. Muffy is the littlest member of the VanderBears, but she keeps the whole family on the go, and that's just the way they like it. The family includes papa Cornelius, an inventor and philosopher-at-large; kind and cultured mother Alice; and brother and sister Fuzzy and Fluffy (they're twins, but to tell you the truth, they're nothing alike.

Where do the VanderBears live? Well, let's just say you can look for them in the state of Exaggeration. If you happen to drop in, they'll probably declare a holiday and throw you a party. The VanderBears celebrate any and all holidays and occasions (including a few they've made up). They love wearing the costumes and learning the customs of all the places they visit around the world.

Muffy has many friends, pets and pals she has made during her young lifetime...like Oatsie, the one-trick pony; Lulu, a Scottish MacFluff (a rather rare breed of pup); and Purrlie, the calico kitten. But none can compare to her best friend and bosom bunny, the wild and glamorous Hoppy VanderHare, who accompanies the VanderBears on many of their adventures.

You will see that Muffy has an outfit for almost any occasion because she believes that the best way to have an adventure is to dress for it. After all, as Muffy always says...

"life is one big dress-up."

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