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Gecko Paperweight

Millifiori Style
Turtle Art Glass
Paperweight $19.88
Paperweight with Turtles

Blue Flower
with Bees

Fish in Vase


Paperweight with Turtles


Penguins Paperweight



Paperweights are decorative objects, designed to hold sheets of paper on a surface to prevent wind from blowing them away.

Paperweights are commonly made from glass, although may also be made from clear acrylic or other materials. They are often collected as examples of fine workmanship, and appreciated for their aesthetic as opposed to their utilitarian aspect. They are often exhibited in art museums as examples of fine glass art.

They generally have a flat base and a domed top, which may be faceted or etched. The weight may be coated with one or more thin layers of colored glass, and have windows cut through it to reveal the interior motif. The ground on which the inner parts rest may be clear or colored, made of unfused sand, or resemble lace (latticinio).

Collectors may specialize in one of several types of paperweights:

Millefiori paperweights contain thin cross-sections of cylindrical composite canes made from colored rods and usually resemble little flowers, although they can be designed after anything. These are usually made in a factory setting. They exist in many variations such as scattered, patterned, close concentric or carpet ground. The turtle in the first row last column above is an example of the Millefiori style though I do not think it is an original Millefiori.

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