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Welcome Home Baby Emily
Pleasant Dreams Little Ones
Simpsons Maggie Pumpkin

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Baby Emily Doll

Welcome Home Baby Emily Doll
The Ashton-Drake Galleries

"Emily" is waiting for you to pick her up and hold her close. You'll want to count every precious finger and toe as she slumbers peacefully in your arms. Once you open your heart to this beautiful bundle of joy, you'll never want to put her down.

Created by master doll artist Linda Webb, "Emily" is the first vinyl "So Truly Real™" baby doll from Ashton-Drake - an important opportunity for collectors. This Ashton-Drake collectible doll is so real, you'll want to send out birth announcements (six FREE "birth announcements" are included)! Bring her home today. Order her now.

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Click here for information on the subscription which includes a total of 4 dolls in this collection.

Sweet Dreams Baby Jacob and Baby Anna Dolls by Ashton Drake

Our First Incredibly Realistic Twin Babies Arrive!
Collector's Advisory Issued!

Look at these two adorable, and incredibly realist babies. Both are So Truly Real™ you'll try not to wake them. Now Ashton-Drake proudly introduces the "Pleasant Dreams, Little Ones" collection by Master Doll Artist Tina Kewy. "Jacob," the first in the collection, is the first So Truly Real baby boy doll ever created! And wait till you hold him in your arms. Just like his twin sister "Anna" he looks and feels like a real baby! Once you open your heart to these beautiful bundles of joy, you'll never want to put them down.

Sweet Dreams Baby Jacob and Baby Anna Dolls

Maggie Simpson Pumpkin Doll

Simpsons Maggie The Pumpkin Plush Doll

The littlest Simpson is trying hard to scare you but she's just so darned cute! Inspired by the now legendary Halloween episodes of "The Simpsons," television's longest running prime-time animated series, this little trickster is quite a treat!

Applause toys and collectibles are famous for quality and are well-loved by collectors, and Maggie is sure to be a popular li'l punkin' - order now!

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